FAQs for All Attendees

What does hybrid mean?

In our case, it means that whether you fly to Miami or “Zoom-fly” to PAVA Village, we will see each other in person. Whether you attend in 3D or 2D, as we like to call it, there will be plenty of interaction, information and fun! We look forward to mingling with you in the virtual streets and 3D hallways!

Why is the price the same for both 2D & 3D?

For our 3D travelers, we’ll be providing printed schedules and some of your food. Some great cocktail parties are in store! For our 2D travelers, we are providing a high quality camera and interactive experience for each activity. The money we would be putting toward your food will instead be toward video and audio equipment, as well as a technician to oversee the mixing board. We are committed to a truly interactive, vibrant experience for our 2D attendees!

Can I earn ASHA CEU’s for this Symposium?

Yes. You can find more information about that here.

PAVA Continuing Education Complaint Policy

Complaints about the continuing education services or programs should be submitted via email to [email protected] within 30 days of the event. Complaints will be reviewed by the Continuing Education Administrator. In the event that the complaint involves the Continuing Education Administrator, the email should be sent to the PAVA past president at [email protected]. Emails should include the name and date of the event, the format (in person, virtual, etc.), the specific concerns or complaints about the services or program, recommendations for correction, and if the email author would like to be contacted about the resolution of the complaint.

FAQs for 3D Attendees coming to Miami

What COVID policies will you have in place?

By registering for the Symposium, you have agreed that you are vaccinated and will abide by the precautions in place. We will provide updates closer to the date and will exercise caution for everyone.

FAQs for 2D Attendees coming to PAVA Village

What can I expect if I attend virtually? 

You’ll be able to attend all of the live activities: Panels, Workshops, Plenary Sessions, Special Sessions and even cocktail parties, and all the after-hours activities via Zoom! You’ll be able to wave hello, ask questions in real time, and meet other people tuning in from around the world. While we would love to see everyone in 3D in Miami, we guarantee you a great time in PAVA Village!

More Questions?

Email Symposium Director Adam Lloyd: [email protected]

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