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COURSE TITLE: Pan American Vocology Association Symposium 2023

SYMPOSIUM DATES: 9/29 – 10/1

TIME: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Eastern Time


CONTACT: Louise Pinkerton, [email protected]


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ASHA CEU Information


The 2023 PAVA symposium is held in a hybrid format. What does hybrid mean? In our case, it means that whether you fly to Miami, USA or “Zoom-fly” to PAVA Village, we will see each other in person . . . Whether you attend in 3D or 2D, as we like to call it, there will be plenty of interaction, information and fun! We look forward to mingling with you in the virtual streets and 3D hallways! Internet Access and Zoom required for 2D (virtual) attendees.


  • 3D Physical Locations: Newman Alumni Center - University of Miami (6200 San Amaro Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146)
  • 2D Virtual Location: (PAVA Village)


Any required materials for workshops will be listed in the Symposium Schedule.


1.9 ASHA CEUs. Partial credit is available. Hours are rounded down by the half hour from the total minutes you attended educational sessions.


Vocology is a field that encompasses voice habilitation and rehabilitation, medical and performance knowledge, and new research across these areas. Contemporary symposia and focused courses disseminate this information across multiple voice disciplines and build connections across professions. The Pan American Vocology Symposium and regular course offerings fulfill this need.


Speech-Language Pathologists, Voice Scientists, Voice and Speech Coaches and Trainers, Singing Teachers, Physicians, and other voice specialists from around the world.


ASHA CEUs are only for speech-language pathologists who use the ASHA CE Registry to track continuing education hours and want hours from this course reported to ASHA. We do not report continuing education hours to other organizations.

  • If you are not an SLP, you don’t need to complete this process.
  • If you do not use the ASHA CE Registry, you do not need to pay the processing fee or submit magic numbers. Track your continuing education hours, and use the Fillable Continuing Education Completion Certificate to document your hours. Do not count hours for organizational meetings. This certificate is suitable for state license renewal and ASHA recertification.

Fillable Continuing Education Completion Certificate

As a result of this activity, participants will be able to…

  • Summarize basic vocal anatomy and physiology.
  • Summarize basic physics and acoustics of voice and how they are measured.
  • Describe the relationship between typical and atypical voice production and some ways in which it is measured and evaluated.
  • Summarize strategies and techniques for voice habilitation and rehabilitation.
  • Demonstrate various voice therapy and voice teaching techniques for a variety of voice use areas.
  • Describe recent clinical, scientific and technological advances related to the study of voice.
  • Describe interdisciplinary clinical and research information about voice production, evaluation and treatment.
  • Describe current issues in the professional voice community, also including ethics for singing teachers and voice rehabilitation.


To successfully complete the course and receive ASHA CEU credits, the following needs to be completed by October 8th. Please note that ASHA CEUs cannot be rewarded retroactively, and only those participants who complete the requirements below will be submitted to the ASHA CE Registry. If you have any questions, contact Louise Pinkerton at [email protected].

We recommend bookmarking this page to make it easy to reference these instructions.

IMPORTANT: Steps 1–4 must be completed by October 8th to earn ASHA CEUs.

1. Register for the Symposium and pay for the ASHA CEU processing fee.

a. Create a profile in PAVA Village.

b. Register for the Symposium and select Symposium + ASHA CEUs. This registration will include the fifty dollar PAVA Processing Fee for ASHA CEUs.

i. PAVA Member: Symposium + Fee = $400

ii. Non-member: Symposium + Fee = $450

iii. Student: Symposium + Fee = $150

c. Accommodations and special requests can be made on the registration form or by emailing [email protected].

d. If you already registered for the Symposium and did not pay the PAVA Processing Fee, please email [email protected].

e. Your information will only be submitted to ASHA if you have registered and paid the PAVA Processing Fee.

2. Attend the Symposium in 2D or 3D September 29-October 1st.

a. Attend the full session time as listed on the schedule key at the top of the schedule.

Interactive Workshops – 40 minutes

Keynote – 60 minutes

Lunch & Learn – 30 minutes

Micro-workshops – 8 minutes

Oral Research – 10 minutes

PAVA at Work – 30–60 minutes

PedTalks – 25 minutes

Special Topics – 90 minutes

ToolTalks – 8 minutes

b. The time on the schedule may be longer to allow for transitions and credit is only given for the educational time. For example, interactive workshops are 40 minutes. The next session starts 45 minutes after the workshops started, but the workshop only counts for 40 minutes. Also, some events, such as Mini Workshops, include multiple presentations in the scheduled time. Educational credit is given for each individual session, in this case 8 minutes each.

3. Submit magic numbers for each session by October 8th.

a. Complete the Magic Number Submission form Please use the email address you registered with.

b. Each time you submit the form confirm an ethics statement that you attended the full session for all the sessions you attended.

c. You may submit this form more than once if you need to add sessions.

d. Magic numbers are the same for 2D and 3D.

e. Only submit magic numbers for sessions you attended in full.

f. Your total minutes will be rounded down to the nearest ½ hour.

g. The maximum number of continuing education hours is 19 and the maximum number of ASHA CEUs is 1.9.

4. Submit a Program Evaluation by October 8.

a. Complete the Program Evaluation. Please use the email address you registered with.

b. This form is for the continuing education course and you may later be contacted for an additional evaluation for the Symposium Committee.

5. Optional: If you want a certificate of completion, please download the Fillable Certificate and add your information.

a. This certificate is also suitable for people who want to document their continuing education hours and did not register for ASHA CEUs.

b. The maximum number of continuing education hours is 19 and the maximum number of ASHA CEUs is 1.9.

PAVA will submit a report of ASHA CEU hours by November 8th. It may take several days after that for the hours to post to your ASHA transcript. If your hours have not posted by November 18th, please email Louise Pinkerton at [email protected].

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Magic Number Submission Form

Program Evaluation

Fillable Certificate

Thank you for presenting at the PAVA Symposium this year. We are an Approved ASHA CEU provider which means we will share information about your financial and non-financial disclosures with the symposium attendees. ASHA is a professional organization in the United States for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, scientists, and students. The purpose of the disclosures to be transparent about any relationships or biases that could influence the presentations. Disclosures are initially submitted with abstract submissions and are posted at PAVA Village during the Symposium. After your presentation is accepted, we have two more things you need to do for this:

  • If you have any updates to your or your co-authors’ disclosures between now and the Symposium, please email Paul Patinka at [email protected]. This includes any non-presenting authors.
  • During the Symposium, the disclosures for all authors need to be included at the beginning of your presentation either on a slide or verbally. Please include non-presenting authors. Samples of what to include are on ASHA's website.

We appreciate your attention to this. Questions about disclosures can be directed to Louise Pinkerton at [email protected] and disclosure updates go to Paul Patinka at [email protected].

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This program is offered for 1.9 ASHA CEUs; various levels; professional area. ASHA CE Provider approval and use of the Brand Block does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.