PAVA 2022 Symposium



                                 Kittie Verdolini Abbott, Current President             Kenneth Bozeman, 2019-2021 Vice President


“Scientist and Practitioner: Dialogue or Hierarchy?”

In our interdisciplinary societies in voice, we emphasize the importance of cross-domain partnerships to advance knowledge and service.  However, the regrettable perception exists that practitioners – including clinicians, voice teachers, and voice and speech coaches – are granted access to the presentation platform only when their work is grounded in traditional scientific method including so-called “objective” outcome measures.  In this presentation, we join forces to discuss the critical importance of dialogue among scientists and practitioners as opposed to hierarchy.  We emphasize the importance of a true alliance not only socially; we also draw on hard data from cognitive science pointing to non-conscious implicit, procedural knowledge and expert pattern recognition.  We further draw on the well-established discipline of narrative psychology to talk about the different languages we can use to express veridical knowledge in laboratory science vs valid lived experience.  We make preliminary proposals about how we may strengthen truly bidirectional partnerships whereby not only science-informed practice, but also practice-informed science is deeply recognized.  The presentation will be followed by panel and break-out discussions among members that we hope will ultimately address the challenges and lead to practical solutions to redress current imbalances.