List of Presentations

*** Note: This list includes first authors only. ***


President’s Address – Scientist and Practitioner: Dialogue or Hierarchy? — Kittie Verdolini Abbott, Kenneth Bozeman

Pain, Trauma, and The Voice — Geneva Mayne, Judith Wodzak



Binary and Non-binary Trans Women’s Perception on Voice Care in Santiago, Chile — Marcelo Saldías

Can a Self-Talk Instructional Aid Assist in the Development of Singing Student Self-Efficacy? — Fernando Zimmermann

Cognitive Developmental Model of Vocal Learning in Children Hagar Feinstein

Diversity and Equity in Repertoire Selections for Western Classical Voice — Paul M. Patinka

Does a Systematic Vocal Exercise Program Enhance the Physiologic Range of Voice Production in Classical Singing Graduate-Level Students?Marco Guzman

Does Vocal Fatigue Negatively Affect Low Vocal Range in Professional, Female Opera Singers? A Survey Study and Single-Subject Pilot Study — Melissa Treinkman

Effects Of Nebulized Saline On Vocal Fatigue In Classically Trained Sopranos — Maegan Hoogerhyde

Effectiveness of a Physiologic Voice Therapy Program based on Different Semioccluded Vocal Tract Exercises in Subjects with Behavioral Dysphonia: A Randomized Controlled TrialMarco Guzman

Effects of Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercises on Singing Teacher Voice Fatigue After Varied Teaching Modes — Jeremy N Manternach & Brian Manternach

Internal vs. External Focus of Attention for Voice Learning — Ümit Daşdöğen

Interprofessional Collaborative Approaches in Graduate Curriculum to Improve Vocal Health Outcomes in Stage Actors — Sri Nandamudi & Kathryn Cunningham

How We Did It: Remote Collaboration on a Scoping Literature Review of the Belt VoiceSarah Kervin

Registration Balance for Singers in the Treatment of Muscle Tension Dysphonia: A Comprehensive Training Model Across Style and Genre — Lori L Sonnenberg

Speech-Language Pathology Students’ Identification and Perception of Modal Register, Vocal Fry, and Uptalk — Ashley E D’Agosto

The Associations between Sleep Patterns and Singing Voice Quality during the COVID-19 Pandemic — Erica Vernice Simmons

The Effects of Vocal Demands in Healthy and Voice Disordered Professional Voice UsersSarah McDowell

The Tongue as a Gateway to Voice, Resonance, Style, and Intelligibility — Angelika Nair

The Upper Vocal Tract Contribution on the Auditory Perception of Twang — Marcelo Saldías & John Hicks

          Acoustic and Aerodynamic Characteristics of Infant CryIngo R. Titze (no longer available, but panel discussion still available for viewing)



A Longitudinal Case Study of Singer Voice Range Profile and Song Tessituras — Matthew Schloneger

Bulgarian Lyric Diction as an Accessible Gateway to Singing in Cyrillic — Theodora Ivanova Nestorova

Effect of Quality Sleep and Stress on Voice Functioning of Colombian College Professors during Covid-19 Pandemic — Lady Catherine Cantor Cutiva

My Voice: Voice Care Tips – Blended Learning for Professors — Gleidy Vannesa Espitia Rojas

Pilot Study: Perceptual Ratings of Two Groups of Young Adult Treble Singers — Margaret Ann Kennedy-Dygas & Laurie E. Lashbrook

Postural Modifications for Vocal Training and Therapy, Do They Work?Adrian S Castillo-Allendes

Speaking Fundamental Frequency: A Preliminary Look at Variation Between Tasks and Voice Classification for Sopranos and Mezzo-Sopranos
Jennifer C Burks

Student Impressions of Lessac Kinesensics Training — Marianna Rubino

The Influence of Multisensory Input on Voice Perception and Production using Immersive Virtual RealityÜmit Daşdöğen

Voice Performance from a Neurocognitive Perspective — Maíra dos Santos Jaber



Breathing for Performing and Rehabilitation — Louise Pinkerton

Coaching Strategies for Singing Lessons — Luiza Lobo Capaverde

Cricothyroid Visor Maneuver (CVM): A New treatment protocol for Muscle Tension Dysphonia — Ali Dehqan Ahmad Abad 

Crossing Over from Classical to Commercial Styles — Edrie Means Weekly

How to Teach Your Students (or Yourself) to Sing Runs — Maíra dos Santos Jaber 

If You Can Speak You Can Scream!Nicolás Hormazábal

Manual Therapy as a Modality for Treating Jaw and Tongue Tension in SingersLeda Scearce

Performing Contemporary Musical Theatre: What’s the Difference? — Adam Roberts

Psychology and the Voice — Stephanie Misono

Reconnection and Resilience: Proprioception for Improved Pedagogy and Presence — Stacey Mastrian 

Seeing the Whole Person • Translating Well-being Science to the Classroom — Babette Lightner 

Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance: Increase Mindfulness. Enhance Readiness.Carol Krusemark 

The Role of Yōga (Āsnās – Postures, Prānāyāma – Breathing and Dhyāna – Meditation) in Developing Singing Capacity and Techniques — Paul Poovathingal

Tongue “Secrets” Revealed — Angelika Nair

Vocal Mapping – How to Analyze Voices and Learn from Them!Caio Loesch

Voce Vista Video Pro: Basic TrainingMargaret Ann Kennedy-Dygas